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What is CommunityContact?

CommunityContact is a product to integrate opt-in email marketing with your community member base, using world-leading email deliverability services.

Can I do that? Don't I have to have explicit permission?

Yes, absolutely. Every member sets a preference in your community indicating whether they wish to receive email from the administrator. CommunityContact will use this preference to ensure that users who don't wish to receive email from you are not included in your campaign lists.

How much will CommunityContact cost?

CommunityContact will be affordably priced depending on the size of your member base, charged monthly with a discount for pre-paying annually. Future versions of CommunityContact are planned to allow you to integrate with existing newsletter services such as iContact or MailChimp.

Why would I buy this product rather than just exporting and importing manually into a mailing provider?

Not only does CommunityContact automatically only include users who want to hear from you, reducing spam complaints, it will also allow you to compose and send your campaign emails, right from your community ACP! All done with the familiar rich text editor you're already using. Yes, even BBCode is supported! (BBCode will be converted to HTML on sending). Additionally, we're confident that you won't beat our pricing or reporting capability.

Did you say reporting?

Yes. CommunityContact will allow you to have close to real-time feedback on how many users have received your mailouts, and allow you to see at a glance whether your members are clicking your links. We'll also handle the hard work of managing opt-outs and ensuring that members who opt out do not receive further mailings and risk you getting marked as spam.

Will it be encoded?

It is possible some of the application may be encoded. CommunityContact will require a subscription to run at launch and will not support other services, however.

When is it coming out?

CommunityContact will be available soon™.  Our plan is to hopefully release by mid Q2 2012.  You can sign up to receive updates and we'll send you an email when CommunityContact is available for purchase.

Didn't it used to be called ibContact?

Ah, yeah. The new name, CommunityContact, reflects our intention to also make it available to XenForo, vBulletin and other community platform users.



Fusion digital has a professional team and my purchase with them was fast, efficient and their support was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone

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