IP.Board Modifications

Invision Board Modifications

Fusion Digital develops several addon products for the IP.Board Community Forum Suite. Leading these are Fusion Menu, the premier navigation aid for your IP.Board powered forum or site, and ibContact, the leading email marketing replacement for IP.Board. Additional products coming soon include the Astraios Media Platform, the only complete social media solution powered by IP.Board and IP.Gallery.

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Commercial Products

Fusion Menu

Fusion Menu is a fully featured menu application for IP.Board. With it, you can easily add dropdown menus to every page of your community and/or IP.Content powered sites*. Just one payment of $15 USD and you can get set up in minutes with beautiful easy to manage menus on all of your communities!

* IP.Board Wrapper must be enabled for IP.Content pages to display the Fusion Menu.


ibContact is the pinnacle of email marketing with IP.Board. You can use it in place of the IP.Board mass mail feature in conjunction with the world's top email marketing services* such as iContact, Constant Contact, or MailChimp. Fully compliant with member's email preferences!

* Account with third party service required. Service provider charges may apply.


Free IP.Board Modifications

Sometimes, Fusion Digital develops modifications for Invision Board (which we use for our community). In the community spirit, we offer these to our customers for use with their own communities. All modifications have the full backing of Fusion Digital's high quality product support services.

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Fusion digital has a professional team and my purchase with them was fast, efficient and their support was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone

-Phill - Forexbunker.com

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